Why Direct Mail?

In today’s world of email, social media networking and doing almost everything online, there is still a place in every marketing strategy for direct mail campaigns.  It is a cost effective way of targeting your potential audience or even a current client database and getting your message across in a clear and concise way.


Pitching your products or services to someone whether it is face to face or online takes time, and you may only sell one product or service.  By designing a tailor-made mailing document you can produce a real marketing tool with which you can reach a larger audience in one hit and really help drive sales.


Most direct mail campaigns are targeted and sorted, for example to include certain industries which may not be interested in your product or service.  By pinpointing your intended recipients and excluding those not required, you are able to restrict the use of resources to those who are most likely to be interested.


Direct Mail campaigns are easy to track and are one of the simplest marketing projects to manage and you can quickly gain an idea of how effective it has been, for example by measuring the number of sales to returns for each postcode used.


Direct Mail campaigns are still relatively inexpensive, and more importantly of course, they work!  Here at UK Netpoint Ltd, we are able to offer substantial postage discounts due to our links with various mailing solution providers.


Finally, the last thing to remember is that emails can easily just be marked as “spam” and social networking can sometimes just be deleted.  With Direct Mailings, the intended recipients have something that is addressed to them personally and should grab their attention providing something that they can read and indeed go back to.  All you need to do is design something that grabs their attention which entices them to contact you and get the ball rolling!

What our clients say...

UK Netpoint provided the club with a quantity of high quality printed A4 folded flyers. We needed a flyer for our Sponsorship packages for the coming season and UK Netpoint were very helpful in supplying this in a timescale that suited us and in line with the design we were after. We would have no hesitation in recommending UK Netpoint Limited to others who are looking for printing or any other services they may offer.

Worcester City Football Club

Worcester City Football Club