Postage Solutions


Postage Solutions

There are now more channels in which you can help to communicate with your customers than ever before but direct mail still remains a firm favourite for retaining current customers and driving new sales.

Royal Mail or downstream access suppliers call it ‘work share’, we do some of their work and get the saving for this and pass the discounts on to you.  This means that we sort the data, print it and maintain it in an order that makes it easy for the postal carrier to handle - getting you the discount and a faster speed of delivery.


First, second or economy?

Yes there are three speeds of delivery from next day to a 5-7 day service - the slower the delivery speed the higher the discount. 

We hold mailing approvals for a variety of Royal Mail bulk mail products.

• Business Mail –OCR, 1st, 2nd Class or Economy
• Advertising Mail –1st and 2nd Class or Economy
• Sustainable Mail to meet your environmental requirements.


For sustainable mail please follow the link.


Typical Postage Savings

Below we have put togther a small table which details what savings could be made by using our services compared to the prices of stamps or a franking machine, for this we have used a service with Royal Mail (1st Class - Business Mail - Unsorted).  The price we have compared this to is the current rate on a franking machine of 52p.


Quantity Franking Machine Cost Our Cost with Royal Mail Saving
1,000 £520.00 £428.47 £91.53
2,000 £1,040.00 £856.95 £183.05
5,000 £2,600.00 £2,098.87 £501.13
10,000 £5,200.00 £4,110.75 £1,089.25
20,000 £10,400.00 £8,221.50 £2,178.50
50,000 £26,000.00 £20,118.75 £5,881.25
100,000 £52,000.00 £40,237.50 £11,762.50

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What our clients say...

We used UK Netpoint to help enhance our local B2B client base and we're delighted with the speedy and efficient service received. The initial quote, right through to final sign off and posting was super easy and hassle free. We will not hesitate to use UK Netpoint for any future direct mailing needs.

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